The Best Diet To Follow Before Your Wedding

Walking down the aisle is a one-time-big-time event that many girls dream about their entire life. While planning for it involves many things – booking a venue, ordering the food, finalizing the guest list and choosing the embroidery for the wedding gown – the biggest planning revolves around how to look good despite the wedding stress. While some women choose to do breast lifts and implants for the big day – your beauty regime doesn’t have to be that advanced. 

One thing I always recommend though is to focus on your skin. You want your skin to be perfect on your wedding day. Before my big day I had a hydrafacial in Melbourne and it was amazing. 

And then, of course, there is the food. The best diet to follow, regardless of whether you are getting married, is one that nourishes your body efficiently. Planning a wedding is fun but it gets stressful when nearing the actual day. Therefore, the prewedding-day diet should be planned out to keep the bride-to-be as blooming as ever. 

Below I’ve listed the best diets to follow before your wedding:

  • A diet that consists of 6 small meals instead of 3 huge meals a day.

Your body is so smart that it knows when to store food for each bodily process it does 24/7. Food deprivation leads the body into storing more than what’s needed.

How does food deprivation happen?

Deprivation happens when there is a long period of time between your meals.  Ideally, a human body can digest food within 4 hours. If there are 24 hours in a day, 6 meals are just the right number of meals to take. If – like most people – you eat 3 large meals instead, the cells have to wait for its nourishment. It can be trained to do so, but each cell will be so hungry at the 8th hour, that it can lead you to eat impulsively. The result? You eat more than you’re supposed to and you’re body stores too much food making you bloated, swollen and fat.

Hence, adjust your meals into 6 small frequent feedings. 

  • Acquire a healthy plate diet.

A healthy plate diet is where fruits and vegetables take up 50% of your plate, and the rest is divided between dairy, meat and carbs. Aim for the right combination of carbs, proteins, and fats, so that you stay efficiently fuelled. Stabilizing your sugar levels, instead of skipping meals will keep you from becoming a bridezilla-to-be, too. When you are approaching your wedding day, you don’t need any new wrinkles forming! A combination of fruits, veggies, and bread with nuts, unflavoured yogurt or cheese is your best bet here. 

  • Be smart around snacking.

Fill the gaps in between your meals with snacks that contain calories and nutrients that provide energy. Don’t just reach for a handful of crackers thinking that it’s the best source. It might be ideal to choose snacks with less than 200 calories, but it could be a total work-up calculating it all together. To make it easier, base snacking on the meals you have just had. If no veggies were eaten in the previous meal, then munch on something green during your snack time. That way, you keep your diet balanced.  Remember that veggies are a much better choice than candy, because of the empty calories it offers compared to the nutritional value you get from veggie or fruit snacks. 

  • Rid your diet of anything junk.

Refrain from eating and drinking junk foods such as sodas, processed foods, and artificially produced foods. These products will not only damage your taste buds (making you crave more), but binging on it will not help you out at all in maintaining a healthy diet. Sodas, for example, contain massive amounts of artificial sweeteners that make you crave more. The same goes for chips and other snacks. Chips are seasoned with salt, which attracts water and gets retained by the body. This leaves somebody feeling bloated with an unsatisfied appetite. The result? The body gets even hungrier, driving the body to eat more than it’s supposed to.

  • Don’t underestimate water therapy.

Water helps the kidneys filter your blood effectively. Anything in excess that results from your diet is excreted by it through the aiding properties of water. For example, as Sodium attracts water, it follows the principle of osmotic pressure. If there’s too much salt in the body, water will flow where there’s greater salt concentration to regulate it. Once cleared out, the body then excretes the excess through urine or sweat. The same principle happens when the blood is concentrated with too much sugar as long as the person isn’t diabetic. All of these affect a person’s tendency to gain or lose weight and sustain it. Opt for water to follow-up on your pre-wedding diet.

Lastly, water somehow gives you a feeling that you’re full. This could help you keep a mindset that motivates you to stay away from binging or snacking excessively.

All of the above are tricks to keep you from going astray from your pre-wedding diet. Don’t forget to combine these efforts with at least 30-minutes of exercise, 5-6 times a week. That will give you the best results.

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