Looking After Your Bridesmaids On The Big Day

Your bridesmaids are there to share your special day with you. From the dress shopping, food tasting, bridal makeup on the big day, the hen’s night and so on – they are there for you every step of the way. Why? Because they love you and are happy to support your journey in marrying the love of your life. 

How do you keep the bridesmaids pleased along the way; less stressed and more excited?

Get them acquainted and chatting

Ensure that you properly introduce each bridesmaid to one another. Get each one involved in the planning. The bridesmaids will be spending plenty of time together, so it is vital that they all get along, and no one feels awkward. Social media like Instagram and Facebook helps everyone get in touch, and your bridesmaids can even talk outside of wedding plans and sessions. Lovely friendships can develop outside of the wedding.

Let all the bridesmaids shine

When it comes to their outfits, try and be flexible. You will have bridesmaids that come in different sizes and shapes, so essential things like the dress decisions need to get done as a group, with everyone’s input. Ask each one what they feel most comfortable in and what they prefer. Even if there can’t be a decision agreed upon you can always have mismatched outfits. Mismatched dresses are a modern trend now, allowing girls to be individuals and define themselves when being in the spotlight.

Don’t fill up the calendar

Ensure that you plan ahead for the wedding, cake shopping, the bridal shower, hens night and the rehearsals. Your bridesmaids will have families, work commitments etc. Don’t fill their every weekend with wedding-related trips and chores as the wedding will soon go from exciting to annoying very fast.

Make them feel special

Your bridal party wants to be treated like VIPs. Book in a luxurious blow wave and treat them to skincare treatment. List them in things like your wedding websites, mention them in your speech and ensure they have a chance to have a few drinks and enjoy the night too.

Let them bring a plus one

If you have decided not to have extras, that is fine, but you need to extend extras to the bridal party. Your bridesmaids may not have a partner or be married themselves, Still, they may take you up on the offer considering the time and money they have invested in the wedding and just bring a close friend. This is another way you can show your appreciation.

Look after your friendship 

While you may be eaten up in the wedding, remember the bridesmaids are excited to be with you and be part of your day. Ensure that you are keeping in touch and catching up at other times, not just when it comes to discussing the wedding. Make your chit chat subjects over coffee other things rather than wedding-related as their lives matter too.

Be grateful

Ensure that you thank the bridesmaids. You don’t need to buy fancy presents and spend a fortune but show them how thankful you are. Give them a lovely card or something beautiful to wear on the day to make them feel special. Also, remember that you need to choose one of them to be a wedding witness – so pick your closest friends so as not to make anyone jealous. 

While it is your day, it is also a significant and eventful day for your bridesmaids to make them feel loved and unique when it comes to your big day.

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