How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

When social media infiltrates your mind with romantic images that appear like a dream, it is easy for your expectations to wander far and high. Every couple has a different idea of what a honeymoon should be – a relaxation period as you absorb the rays of the sun and sip on cocktails, or is it a journey where you explore the various cities and culture this world has to offer.

This is not just any holiday – it’s the holiday before reality often sets in. This is the holiday which you and your spouse will reminisce about for many years to come. However, an epic escape demands thoughtful performance and planning. This is a step-by-step roadmap to ensure a painless honeymoon preparation.


  1. Determine the period of your journey.

How long have you got, or rather, how long will work let you have off? Before you start to fantasise about a beachfront bungalow at Bali or a romantic getaway in Tasmania, keep in mind a far-flung place will cost you several days of travelling. For honeymooners who have a few weeks to spare, that is no problem, but for those short on time, it indeed is.


  1. Settle on a destination.

Although you may be married, you each may still share a different criteria for enjoying your travels. It is essential you come up with a shared value system, as your satisfaction will come from mutual enjoyment on the trip. Is it purely about tanning in the sun and rejuvenating with luxury day spa treatments? Is it about sightseeing and learning new things? Is it an even combination of the two? Once that is determined, couples might wish to think about picking a locale which pushes their comfort zones. We recommend being as open-minded as you can. If you both happen to be opposites, then a combination of the two may be a positively enlightening experience.


  1. Start planning.

The perfect lead time is dependent upon where you are headed and what time of year you’d love to travel. As a rule of thumb, specialists advise planning six to eight months out. Couples who wish to travel at a peak time such as New Years ought to start booking and planning at least a year in advance. For off-peak travelling, a month or two can often suffice. Booking throughout shoulder season is cheaper than peak season, and is also far less crowded, giving the two of you more room to breathe. A number of the very best luxury resorts have excellent offers during these months. Safari destinations possess incredible bargains in the off-peak seasons, which you can see breathtaking wildlife but also have the ability to make the most of cultural activities.


  1. Decide whether to enlist the support of a specialist.

For complex trips involving many destinations, save yourself the hassle and let an expert handle the logistics. Planning the itinerary is harder than it sounds. The itinerary is all about compromise. A specialist will be able to help the brides destinations be fulfilled, as well as the grooms should they differ. If you simply wish to laze in a villa, hiring external help is probably not necessary.


  1. Select a resort or lodge.

There are a plethora of locations to select, and meta search engines can be overwhelming. A simple method to narrow down things would be to consider the best places you have been to or researched, and what you enjoy about each. The dimensions of the resort or stay you select is another significant variable: Have you gravitated to larger hotel chains with room service, or would you like something much more boutique and bespoke like an Airbnb? If you opt to go with a resort, we highly recommend you search their honeymoon offers, as they can provide amazing experiences. These places will usually give you a bottle of champagne at the very least, that’s a bonus. Honeymoon offers can sometimes work out slightly cheaper, since the newlyweds are expected they will spend more money and splurge more than the ordinary villa guest.


  1. Create your own rules.

Every couple is different, meaning the rules will differ. You may set a rule that you won’t be glued to your smartphone when around each other, but will instead take breaks from each other to unwind and catch up on your socials. Creating rules will promote understanding, self-awareness and boundaries, but they have to be fair and within reason.


  1. Set aside time for solitude.

When travelling with your partner, it is useful to spend a small amount of time off from each other daily. Go for a stroll whilst your spouse reads a publication or goes into the spa. Plan to spend time on honeymoon chasing actions that you enjoy – collectively and separately. You should not be in each other’s pockets all day daily. The time apart from each other, regardless of how brief, builds admiration, interest and gratitude.


  1. Keep a Diary.

Continuing from creating distance, keeping a blog to share with others is a great pass time you can do quickly and with ease. You can start by looking into different content management systems such as Craft websites, WordPress, and Squarespace. Alternatively, you can always get help from a web agency to help with website design. Blogging is an excellent way to reminisce in the years to come. If you plan to do lots of vlogging, you should bring spare memory cards, or invest in private cloud computing to store it online securely. We highly recommend you have the logistics of all this sorted prior to your honeymoon. Consult with an IT service for an in-depth solution.


  1. Finalize your itinerary and organize activities.

The build-up into the wedding could be exhausting for many couples, thus we advise that you begin with the more relaxing area of the excursion, then embark upon something adventurous. It is all about experiencing something for the first time, like going on a river cruise or learning to tango. The top honeymoons are those in which the couples get to know each other much better. You are beginning a new life together, and the excursion is a remarkably powerful way to connect.

Dont Give Up Your Day Job Just Yet!

travel blog siteI work for a company that specialise in sourcing new and innovation products and services for the wedding industry. I have the enviable job of travelling all around the world in search of such products. I do take the time out while Im in countries I have never been to to check out the local sights and sounds. A few years ago, someone asked me that “If you love travelling so much, why don’t you travel full-time and why do you still have a desk job?” I replied “I enjoy the balance of working in my office and then travelling a few times every year. I love working with my team; brainstorming sessions and the camaraderie of working with talented people.” But she was not convinced. I couldn’t understand why especially when I considered the fact that she herself worked in an office ran a travel-related publication sitting at her desk.

Most people who love travelling assume that by quitting their day job, get on the unpredictable road to wherever, is somehow a glamorous lifestyle as all of the online articles boast it is. But the truth is far less glamorous. Off course, there are many writers or bloggers who have been able to travel full time and very successfully at that. They deserve our respect simply because ‘this shit aint easy’. However, the reality of this lifestyle is very different from what you might be imagining.

If being passionate about travelling is all it took to hop on to the next plane to see the world, then we would have everyone doing it. But the reality is, they don’t. And there are many good reasons for that. The unfortunate truth is that people stay in their mindless, soul sucking jobs because they have responsibilities like feeding their families, paying off a mortgage and the list goes on. They have huge debts and many responsibilities that stop them from doing it. Responsibilities are not the only thing stopping many. It’s their health too. A travelling lifestyle requires you to be away from home for many months at a time and sometimes you are in remote areas away from medical care.

I do not intend to discourage anyone from leaving their cubicles for greener grass or high snowy peaks. However, before you do anything, you have to manage your expectations and above all else, have a plan! Always be prepared for the many experiences you will no doubt have. Find a way to be financially independent and secure. I have heard of many travel bloggers who have managed to travel for months very successfully and at the end of it all, do not return to their desk jobs. But by crossing many obstacles in their way to get where they have, for most it wasn’t a tough road. However, they coped with a lot before they became successful as they are.

But, for those of you who love to travel or want to leave their life behind to chase their dreams and fantasies, just make up your mind and do it. But just remember these few things: while it is very tempting to set sail on this endless journey, it comes with some hard times but, embrace it, over come it and be ready for anything.