How To Migrate To Melbourne

Once you have arranged your visa and have decided that Melbourne is the city for you, you need to start organising your shipment to Australia. Melbourne is located at the southern tip of Australia and is therefore isolated from other major cities in other countries. It is also one of Australia’s oldest cities and the original Australian gold mining town.

If you’re moving from the UK to Australia, Melbourne and Victoria are at the top of your shortlist. If you decide to live in Melbourne, if you emigrate to Australia, you will not be disappointed. Here are a few reasons why it is a must to live in Melbourne or Victoria when emigrating to Australia.

The Australian government offers you many visa options for entry to Australia based on eligibility criteria. Australia offers several immigration routes for people who are educated and skilled and can contribute to the Australian economy.

The Australian government’s SkillSelect program helps individuals move to Australia if there is a job offer. When you move to Australia for a job, the program will place a family member who is already a permanent resident or citizen of Australia in the country.

It is not obligatory with this program to have a job offer before moving to Australia. Employer-sponsored visas are a great way to move permanently to the country. Specialists should consider applying for one of Australia’s most popular visas, the temporary work visa.

A working leave visa gives you one year to live and work in Australia or to conclude a contract with an Australian employer for a good six months. Job offers can give you extra points if your profile gets a good score (the points are based on the Australian Immigration system, and a higher score means a better chance of getting an Australian PR visa, which means that your chances of getting a permanent residency in Australia are higher). Moving to Australia with a job in hand can also give you an extra point that can give your profile another good score. To help with journeying to Melbourne, researching ‘migration lawyer Melbourne’ for tips and tricks can be extremely helpful in the process of moving. 

When you move to Melbourne to have children, remember that education is free in Australia because of the state-funded public school system. The healthcare system in Melbourne is the same as in any other Australian city. Moving to Australia can bring so much joy and do so many wonderful things in your life, but one thing about moving here is that you don’t just have to pay taxes.

A great thing about Melbourne migration is the events hosted. Melbourne hosts the Australian Grand Prix in the stunning Albert Park, you will not be excluded from this event that intrigues the world.         

There are eight parks in Melbourne where dogs are not leashed, and a map of them can be found on the City of Melbourne website. Homes in Melbourne and Victoria are a big attraction for those moving out of the UK. Each year, the Australian government allocates places and quotas to people who wish to emigrate to Australia through two different programmes: the Qualified Family Migrant Migration Programme and the Humanitarian Refugee and Refugee-Like Situation Programme.

The annual statistics on the results of migration and humanitarian programmes and visa issuance provided by the Immigration Department since 1980 provide accurate data on the number of people planning to emigrate to Australia. New Zealand (NZ) citizens are included in the number of new arrivals but are not included in Australia’s migration program unless they apply for and receive a permanent visa. Unlike the US Embassy in Canberra, the US consulates in Perth and Melbourne do not process applications for an Immigration Visa but you can file an I-130 petition with them in Perth or Melbourne (Form DS-117) and their consular services will return to normal.

Flights from the US to Australia take you to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide with the vast majority of departures landing in Sydney and Melbourne. Trucking companies that specialize in international removals can relieve a lot of the stress by shipping your belongings to the Australian capital of your choice. 

Australian Skilled Migration prides itself on being the number one valued service migration agent in Australia. As the capital of the state of Victoria and the largest city in Australia, Melbourne is the perfect city to study and pursue a career.

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