Planning the Perfect Wedding

So the main question has now being asked, the ring fits perfectly and it is time to planning your special day. We realize how important it really is when planning your own wedding to be certain every small detail has been ticked off. To assist you along the way we’ve completed our research and produced our top strategies for organising the ideal moment.

Do your research

First things first, study is the crucial ingredient for the ideal wedding. You cannot expect to understand just what colour scheme, place, the best dress etc. before doing your research. Plan your journal accordingly and discover when wedding exhibit events are popping up in the regional area – they’re fantastic occasions for gaining inspiration. You can compile this on cloud computing services keeping it all in the same are for you. Pinterest can also be a firm favourite for brides-to-be in regards to collecting ideas – here is a suggestion, you can produce your own personal wedding board to make sure that your family and friends understand what wedding themes you have up your sleeve.

Do it Together

A wedding is a combined service, and so the preparation needs to be a joint work. This is only one of the most memorable days of your lives, you’re planning, so include your spouse from the programs and revel in the highs and lows of arranging a wedding together. In the offset, sit right down and build a photo of both your wedding ideas to pick on what’s important to one another, out there you can decide upon your place, theme and so forth.

Plan meticulously

As soon as you’ve got a good idea in mind of how you would like your special day to stick out, it’s the right time to get organised. Weddings take stealth organisation to acquire every fine detail down to a tee for the best moment. Each Bride-to-be should have a wedding planner featuring envelopes and dividers. The planner may utilise business computer support to help her through the process making sure everything is being attended to. Split every important thing right into a section; place, photographer, invitation templates, etc – that will make certain you don’t lose crucial pieces of info. It’s also advisable to check at maintaining a digital planner – a recorder is useful for demographics, guest list, and so forth. If you have all this info it is much easier to handle your day to guarantee every small detail is ticked off by the time the day comes about, making your life much simpler.

Enjoy each other

Whilst your wedding is regarded amongst the greatest times of your life, it’s important when organizing your wedding to keep in mind that the person you’re marrying is much more important. Ensure that you don’t get caught up in all of the wedding to-do lists and place aside quality time to spend together with your fiancé. Remember, a marriage is only one day for the remainder of your lives with each other, so spend some time in which you do not talk wedding talk and appreciate each others company rather. Also make certain you stop and savour the small things on the daily and revel in the minutes together.

Don’t lose sight

The most important factor to keep in mind when planning your wedding is to recall why you’re doing it. Occasionally when planning such a massive occasion, it can be simple to get carried away with exactly what colour of pink the iced roses should be on the cake – take a step back and think what a wedding day is really about. You’re doing so to celebrate the love you and your spouse have for you personally. You are not looking at commercial properties to lease or looking at the logistics of buying a house, you are planning a day to celebrate a future with you and your partner.  Do not get tied down with all the pressures of making every small detail ideal, rather be eager for the reason behind the day – demonstrating to your family and friends that you’re devoted to your own love.

Have some faith

If you feel the anxiety from all of the planning and the lengthy, daily to-do lists are receiving too much – just keep in mind it will all be worthwhile on the day. It’s known as the best day of your life because of this. When it does eventually come around all your hard work will pay off – be sure that you savour every second of it. Let this idea remain in mind for you through the days when you’ll feel like giving up.

Make it private

Every wedding is individual for the couple, who organises it. It’s a day to express your love for one another that said make the tiny details private to you as a couple. It’s the little details which make the day special after all. If you’d like something a bit out there, then do it. Do not let other men and women affect your wedding choices. If you decide to look at commercial real estate in melbourne for your wedding setting an industrial tone then that will be you and your fiancé’s choice.

Discuss presents

A growing number of couples are planning wedding present lists to ship out to their guests before their wedding day. This conserves your guests squandering cash on a house appliance which may have more use for collecting dust than its real purpose, this way you get a gift you may actually use. So do your research on which merchants and digital list suppliers are far more suited to you and reap the benefits as soon as it comes around into the specific moment. Everyone is a winner for this practical present planner.

4 Most Stunning Wedding Locations In Victoria

Australia has some of the most amazing and unique landscapes in the world. That is why it’s no surprise that a lot of couples choose this country as their wedding location. From shooting prenuptial photographs in deserts to saying vows on top of a mountain, Australia’s diverse locations give couples a lot of options to choose from.


But organizing a wedding ceremony is intimidating enough, let alone picking a wedding location. So, if you’re one of those people who don’t want to get stuck on this subject matter, here are the 4 most stunning wedding locations in Victoria that will definitely give you all the flutter feels.

Sandringham Yacht Club

The Sandringham Yacht Club is perfect for couples who want to exchange their marriage vows soaking in the panoramic views of the sunset and the sea. In fact, the place will definitely make you feel like you’re walking on water. The club’s Port Phillip Room has the decoration and design for elegance and can seat 250-400 people. They even have a dedicated onsite event manager to help organize your special day.


The wine estate of Michelton is located on the banks of Goulburn River 90-minutes away from Melbourne. The whole property features indoor and outdoor spaces including the Muse Terrace and Restaurant, The River Cruiser, The Montage Room, and a lawn overlooking the vineyard. They have a capacity of up to 500 guests and an on-site restaurant dressed in country style living homewares topped by the delivery of exquisite food made with locally-sourced produce.

RACV Inverloch Resort

Located in Victoria’s South Gippsland coast is the eco-friendly RACV Inverloch Resort. Aside from its breathtaking views of the Anderson Inlet and the Bass Strait, the 32-hectare resort also boasts several indoor and outdoor locations for couples featuring beautiful seaside homeware – all of which ensures a unique wedding experience like no other. It can seat 250 guests in banquet style and 320 guests in cocktail style.

National Gallery of Victoria

Have you ever dreamed of walking down an aisle filled with famous masterpieces of artwork? If you don’t already know, the National Gallery of Victoria opens its doors for gatherings and events – including wedding ceremonies. Couples have a variety of locations to choose from when they book the NGV for their special day.


The Great Hall, an elegant interior style space within the gallery with a stained-glass ceiling, can cater large-scale dinners and ceremonies. The elegant Grollo Equiset Garden, which can be seen from The Great Hall, is a great selection of pre-nuptial photo shoots or pre-wedding drinks and formalities. However, if you want a more intimate venue for your vows, the National Gallery of Victoria also offers Persimmon – an elegant restaurant by day that can be converted to a closed, cocktail-type wedding reception by night.


The catering for wedding ceremonies held at the National Gallery of Victoria is handled exclusively by Peter Rowland Catering. With their impeccable taste in food and over 50 years of catering service under their belts, they are more than qualified to make your dream wedding a success.

Creating the Perfect Barn Wedding Venue

Barn weddings possess infinite possibilities for stunning photos and homespun specifics and though they are an amazing wedding venue option, even the largest planners from the industry discover barn weddings a challenge to organize, logistically speaking. There is usually more that goes into a rustic style wedding than meets the eye, particularly if mobile restrooms, mud and uninvited insects could be significant aspects. A home extension is not necessary for achieving a barn-styled wedding venue. So that is why we consulted wedding experts Lynn Easton, proprietor of Easton Occasions and Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards in North Garden, Virginia, and Vickie Brown, proprietor of Victoria Belle Mansion and Vintage White Barn in Hogansville, Georgia, about how to plan a barn wedding. Styling a barn for a wedding is not quite on the same level as retail development but still involves a lot of work and development of the barn in order for it to be a wedding venue. Below are discussed eight barn wedding elements you will strike, and also the answers that’ll leave you and your guests at ease.

  1. Set Aside a Budget for Barn Extras

This goes for almost any place which is not a full ceremony but notably barn wedding places. You will probably be accountable for your own tables, chairs, dishes along with other extras. Consider the further cost of light, generators, catering tents, slab scissors, a backup tent to your service, vendor tents, a commercial cleaning of this window and accessibility to water and perimeter lighting. And to not make you worried, besides this, you are going to need to be certain that the barn is licensed and guaranteed to be open to the general public. Additionally, your entertainment and caterer will have to gain access to all of the electric outlets that they need from the barn.

If you have reserved a barn which generally hosts weddings, then the supervisors there might have a listing of everything you will need. Otherwise, your very best choice is to operate with a wedding planner that specializes in barn style weddings.

  1. Check the Neighbourhood Sound Ordinance Rules

Do not assume that simply because you’ve got the barn, with 2nd storey additions, at night you’re going to be permitted to dance to the wee hours of the morning. Even though your barn wedding reception is in a distant place, you will still want to double-check noise restriction principles in the region and confirm what time that your band or DJ needs to be winding up.

Sound is frequently measured by its degree at the property line. So in the event that you have homes near, you will have to be careful of this when planning your event timeline. In case the sound ordinance needs you to finish the celebration early, you might wish to think about using a casual after-party at a neighbourhood restaurant or pub.

  1. Mind the Grounds

Fields and pastures are pretty, but ensuring they are wheel and car friendly is essential for older visitors and others being hauled to a barn wedding place by larger vehicles. You won’t have glue laminated timber but maybe planks of wood surrounding the environment to give it an added rustic look. Otherwise, you might have a tight or muddy problem in your hands.  And do these areas turn to sand when it rains? If this is so, does the place have a paved parking lot?

Asking yourselves the questions and having answers to every situation is crucial. We know that it sounds gritty (pun intended), but it is vital for pulling off a barn wedding.

  1. Have a strategy for bugs

Even though fireflies and chirping crickets may have a romantic aura, insect bites certainly are not. Stock up on citronella candles and have them installed around the outside of the venue. Put together tiny baskets full of insect spray in the bathrooms or near the entry to the barn for visitors to use. If you are not local to the barn wedding place, it is a fantastic idea to talk with somebody who understands the essence of the region and the bugs throughout the period of year you are getting married.

Entertaining in the great outdoors may bring you closer to nature than you want. No matter where your barn is situated, spraying for bugs daily prior to your wedding is a must.

  1. Weatherproof Your Guests

Umbrellas and paper fans are not only pretty touches in regards to a barn wedding but are a requirement during warmer months. Barns aren’t made for cross ventilation, therefore throughout the hot months, they really can maintain the summertime heat. Have a number of large fans and do not be fearful of these industrial ones to truly circulate the air.

Barns work exactly the opposite way in winter because they also lack appropriate insulating material for outside temperatures.

No matter what time of year you are getting married, in the event the barn wedding venue is not climate controlled, you are going to want to put in a couple of dress code tips for your wedding site, so guests will be comfortable from the barn regardless of what the weather is really like.

  1. Allergy-Proof that the Barn Area

There is nothing more Instagram-worthy than a barn wedding venue with rustic details such as hay bales. But nobody needs a photo opportunity to become a full-blown asthma attack. If animals are there, so are things like feed and hay combined with animal scents which can make a mess of anyone with allergies, particularly if it’s the wedding couple.

If there are animals near or around the barn, then do what you could to keep them within their particular area so guests may go close to them if they need (or not). Offering Benadryl from the toilet baskets does not hurt either. And if you are going with adorable hay bale chairs for the barn wedding, then throw several blankets over them. It is going to make seats more comfortable and assist your visitors’ allergies.

An additional very important side note: Hay bales can quickly turn into fire hazards just like curved timber, based on how they are stored. Check in the setting as, believe it or not, you may require a license merely to get hay bales in your own barn wedding.

  1. Switch the Stilettos to Sandals.

A rustic barn wedding venue more than not means that the flooring will also be rustic. Some barns have timber, pebble or perhaps dirt flooring. You may want to supply womens thongs to your female visitors to rescue them from destroying their heels and certainly add a note to your own wedding invitation.

As for you: If you are planning to change into summer sandals for the barn wedding reception, then inform your bridal salon or seamstress so that she gets the suitable hem adjustments to make sure your wedding gown does not drag on the floor for half the day. If heels are a must, we highly urge Starlettos they adapt to the width of the heels.

  1. Pretty Up the Powder Room

If your barn is not a full-size wedding venue (we are discussing bathrooms), you’re going to want to make accommodations that are comfortable as well as sanitary standards. Are the restrooms ‘outhouses’ or the sort of bathroom you’d desire your 80-year-old guests to utilize? If they are the former, get in touch with a mobile seller as they have the appropriate vehicles such as drake low loaders, and ask for their recommendations. They often have many, and some may even have sink and light choices.

An outdoor tent leasing firm can also pay for the restroom area fully to have it blend in with all the barn wedding area. Furthermore, new flowers, potpourri, air fresheners and conveniences automobiles with mints, antibacterial hand lotion, hair spray, band-aids, safety hooks and aspirin will make your visitors pleased. You can even employ a reception attendant to replenish paper products and be certain that the area stays clean through the evening.

10 Reasons to Have a Vineyard Wedding

When deciding upon a location for the wedding, the attention often falls upon the advantages and disadvantages of a beach wedding versus a backyard wedding or a town wedding thru to a country wedding.  Beyond these classical contenders lies the winery wedding.

Practically, I think the question ought to be — why not have a vineyard wedding? But we will get into that in just a bit. Truth is, there are so many reasons that a vineyard wedding is nothing short of astonishing that this might be an entire set of articles.

Falling somewhere between a country and garden wedding, it is difficult to evaluate all the advantages of a winery for your wedding day. Whether the romance of  a vineyard yarra valley based to the rolling hills of Tuscany, winery weddings throughout the world take a certain romantic appeal. Here are my top 10 reasons to have a winery wedding.

1. Stunning Scenery

A winery wedding goes hand in hand with lovely scenery – Think rolling mountains, grape vines and fairly brambling gardens are the perfect setting for award winning wedding photography.

2. Elegant yet Relaxed

Wineries offer a relaxed yet elegant setting – and is this not exactly what every bride desires?

We all know rustic weddings continue to be hugely popular. But that does not fit everyone’s personality. I’ve worked with all these couples that love the outdoors and the pure simplicity that a vineyard wedding provides but do not need to spoil the rustic texture. A vineyard wedding is a superb balance between the tasteful occasion you would like your visitors to experience along with the laid-back feel of an outside wedding, where you can get away with wearing womens wedges instead of women’s pumps.

3. 1 Location

It is the perfect place to host your service and your Reception with the majority of wineries offering both gorgeous configurations for both, as well as the opportunity for stunning wedding photos. 1 place equals no racing about in traffic and prevents the strain of locating photo shoot places while running around in womens heels.

4. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a photographer’s best friend and consequently a brides as well! The gorgeous grounds of a winery provide beautiful all-natural lighting for photos.

5. Personal Style

The understated elegance of most winery places provides you with the choice to add your own private style.

For many of you Pinterest-ers or those who have not looked up winery weddings nevertheless, you’re missing out. The absolute quantity of amazing ideas which are the direct outcome of having your wedding in a winery/vineyard could be overwhelming. From decoration containing wine barrels into wine infused menu items, it is possible to bring the environment in your wedding so readily. And frequently, the thoughts that bring the winery texture to your wedding are not a degree 10 on the DIY scale. (whew!)

6. Photo Location Choices

You will not be stuck for picture places in wine country, with endless places, textures and backdrops.

7. Wet Weather Back Up

Many wineries or private estates have an equally amazing moist weather back up alternative so rain will not spell the end of your image perfect moment, need not get those mens dress shoes wet and muddy.

8. Accommodation

Many vineyards have accommodation in yarra valley and several other wine regions; this makes for a simple and more relaxed afternoon. It provides your more hours to spend with friends and family (particularly in the event that you’re able to make a weekend of it!). Less time in the car and makes a really great flow to your own pictures.

9. Nothing to Hide

A winery is usually lovely everywhere you look which means there will be no nasty features crashing your own photos!

There are so many ways to customize a vineyard wedding day. The obvious addition would be to serve wine hand chosen for your menu that’s produced in the grapes you’re surrounded by — and that is just cool. However, there are several other things that may make your wedding experience distinct from the others your guests have experienced. I’ve seen couples come up with some fantastic thoughts such as; little plates paired using beer/wine to actually relish the dining room experience or wine tasting as guests arrive and make their way through the grapevines into the wedding place

10. Fantastic Food and Good Wine

Can there be a better motive? Wineries have a standing for serving very good meals, with farm to table cuisine, fresh excellent produce and a few of the most imaginative chefs, although great wine is simply a given!

In Addition, It’s difficult for us to explain the Specific feeling We get being in The Vineyard — but it is only an overall sense of “I am going to get a wonderful time”. People today visit a winery to have pleasure — plain and simple. Rarely do you find a curmudgeon angrily sipping wine. And we believe this atmosphere flows over in the weddings hosted. Wineries bring a feeling of comfort, soul, bliss and elegance that you and your visitors can not help but feel during your wedding.

What I Urge…

The Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula equally in Victoria, Australia, also Italy’s Tuscany, Majorca in Spain and Provincial France have been some of my favourite wine areas.

Although there are several factors in hosting a vineyard wedding — the benefits could far exceed the downfalls, I mean you could wear women’s boots to your wedding! So, start looking into hosting your own vineyard wedding!

How to Perfect Yourself For Your Wedding

An essential component of getting the best wedding is obtaining that wedding-ready body. Your husband to be loves you just the way you are, but if you look back on your special day, you want to know that you seemed to be in the best shape you ever have in your life. After all, it is a once in a lifetime day. However, to attain perfection, from toned muscle to luminous skin and perfect hair, you need to plan ahead. As you’re taking the opportunity to organize your own special day, from invite layouts to seating charts and the age old challenge of organising catering for functions (your wedding catering will be even trickier the usual catering), be certain that you plan the maintenance and the preserving of you, the most important person on the day.

Getting your body wedding-ready needs as much weight, preparation, and dedication as planning the marriage itself. Here is your 12-month guide to looking absolutely fabulous on your wedding day!

1 Year Out — Plan Ahead

The Secret to an effective self-care and fitness program would be cautious preparation and time. In the weeks and days immediately after your enegagement, as you’re searching for the best wedding venue, begin planning your exercise regimen; if you haven’t invest in some reversible singlets and other sports apparel. This the opportunity to plan your exercise program — are you really going to join a gym? Run a marathon in the six-month mark? Invest in DVDs? Enroll in spin or Zumba classes? Decide what appeals to you and get started signing up/investing on your own program.

11 Months Out — Strength-Building

If you would like to look toned and powerful during your wedding day, then a Strength building exercise regimen is essential. But to see lasting effects, strength-building takes some time and committed maintenance. So it is important to begin early and keep strong during the setup for your wedding. If you’d like killer abs or powerful, toned arms, then be sure to pick the ideal workout routines to optimize those zones.

Part of strength-training is providing your body a proper period to heal and break, so be certain you’re arranging a regimen which just doesn’t have you working particular areas many times every week. Make certain to plan a day of break in your routine also!

10 Months Out — Cardio

When you reach the 10-month mark, it is time to plug your cardio routine. Pick what you enjoy — if it is throwing on some basketball shorts and shooting a few hoops, swimming laps, jamming to music in a spin course, extending out in yoga, practicing for a race, or dance be like. If you like your fitness program, you’re far more inclined to stay with this.

9 Months Out — Diet and Dress

Most likely, you have already begun dieting by now, but if you haven’t begun and are seriously interested in slimming down, now’s the time to begin. You need to allow for any cheats, for example holidays, birthdays, etc.. In this manner you have a lot of weeks to realize your target weight, instead of waiting until the final minute and embarking on a dangerous, and most probably, ineffective starvation diet. Remember it’s okay to occasionally sray from our diet and splurge for the occasional take home meal or decadent dinner

If you haven’t already, this can be the month to choose your wedding dress. This will allow a lot of time for modification, alterations, etc.. It is a wonderful celebratory approach to reward yourself for all of the hard work you have done and to envision just how good you are going to appear in your wedding day.

8 Months Out– Skin Care

With 8 weeks to go, it is time to Begin focusing on your own skin to ensure you’ve got the blemish-free, luminous complexion of a joyful, healthful bride. This is the opportunity to take definitive actions in regards to your skincare regimen. Should you not already use a daily cleanser and moisturizer, then start adding that on your bedtime/morning routine. If you are worried about wrinkles or blemishes, look at buying a tone or even a wrinkle/blemish lotion to begin smoothing problem locations. If you are deeply worried about your own skin, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to find out what your alternatives are

7 Months Away – Notice How Far You’ve Come

You are halfway to a wedding day along with your target weight/hair/skin, Etc. This is the opportunity to take stock of how you are performing and re-evaluate your objectives. Have you been losing weight as fast as you want or need to? Is the muscle definition beginning to take shape? Determine if you are on course and just how realistic your initial aims are.

6 Six Months Out– Enlist a Buddy

You have been doing good in your own so much, but do not go the final six months alone. This is the time when the going gets rough and the marriage planning anxiety starts to kick in. Stick to a diet program with your prospective groom, arrange a jogging or fitness group together with your bridesmaids, prepare for a race with your maid of honour, plan healthful trips to the supermarket with your mother — you are not the only one on your wedding party that will be needing to look their very best.

5 Months Out — Function those Abs! (& Assess which Make-up)

If you are craving the ideal honeymoon bikini body, then now’s the time to begin investing on your ab exercise. Each of the exercises on the planet will not provide you a six-pack, so make sure you enrol in ab-specific workout courses or locate a stomach-targeting workout.

Besides focusing on your stomach, this Is an excellent time to get with your own hair and makeup stylists to check your wedding day look. This will provide you ample time to make any alterations if you are not enjoying the first test run.

4 Months Out — Hydrate!

H2O is the very best friend these last couple of months. Beginning now, you should be drinking water daily. The suggested quantity is 11 8-ounce glasses per day — attempt to attain this target each and every day. Increasing your water consumption and preventing dehydration has many health benefits

3 Months Out — Get That Blend (and Establish that Brow)

On this time, you ought to be beginning to finalize several things, especially your wedding gown. Although you can still keep burning and losing weight, this is the best time to have your first dress fitting, since your body will not change drastically between now and the marriage.

2 Months Away — Spa Day and Self-Care

This month is all about getting your body in excellent shape from head-to-toe. Now that you have completed the work outs and dieted, ensure that your skin, teeth, hair, etc.. appear just how you desire. It is a Fantastic time to hit the spa

Ultimately, it is time for your next wedding gown fitting. You Should almost be in your final wedding weight and body today, so this can permit them to adapt to some changes since your very first trip.

One Month Out — Relax and Final Touches

Really, the most important thing to do in this past month is to treat yourself nicely and unwind. Get a lot of sleep, eat well, and take injury prevention measures by avoiding things like strenuous workouts. Taking some extreme steps at this stage is much more likely to lead to appearing exhausted, stressed, or strained than assisting you attain an unattainable goal.

The Last 2 Weeks

That is it– the last two weeks before your wedding day, possibly a day you have envisioned your whole life. Use the opportunity to put those finishing touches in your appearance. Avoid cardio and other intense exercises during this period, fall prevention is critical to ensuring you don’t have any nasty grazes or broken bones during your big day. Nothing will ruin your wedding look like an unwanted cast or an unisightly scab somewhere you can’t hide it.

Get your hair or bangs trimmed one final time if need be. Wax away any unwanted hair, but do so no more than 72 hours before the wedding to prevent visible redness and skin irritation. Proceed to the salon for a manicure and pedicure the week of to prevent chipping. You might choose to go in for just one last depuffing facial and utilize depuffing pads below your eyes to maintain the skin in tip-top form. And last, make that last wedding dress fitting to make certain it’s the dress of your dreams whatsoever.

And that is it — you have made it! You were always lovely, but now you’re currently the wedding prepared, lovely, blushing bride you always wished to be. Relish the afternoon all the more knowing you have done everything in your power to Look your finest.

Dont Give Up Your Day Job Just Yet!

travel blog siteI work for a company that specialise in sourcing new and innovation products and services for the wedding industry. I have the enviable job of travelling all around the world in search of such products. I do take the time out while Im in countries I have never been to to check out the local sights and sounds. A few years ago, someone asked me that “If you love travelling so much, why don’t you travel full-time and why do you still have a desk job?” I replied “I enjoy the balance of working in my office and then travelling a few times every year. I love working with my team; brainstorming sessions and the camaraderie of working with talented people.” But she was not convinced. I couldn’t understand why especially when I considered the fact that she herself worked in an office ran a travel-related publication sitting at her desk.

Most people who love travelling assume that by quitting their day job, get on the unpredictable road to wherever, is somehow a glamorous lifestyle as all of the online articles boast it is. But the truth is far less glamorous. Off course, there are many writers or bloggers who have been able to travel full time and very successfully at that. They deserve our respect simply because ‘this shit aint easy’. However, the reality of this lifestyle is very different from what you might be imagining.

If being passionate about travelling is all it took to hop on to the next plane to see the world, then we would have everyone doing it. But the reality is, they don’t. And there are many good reasons for that. The unfortunate truth is that people stay in their mindless, soul sucking jobs because they have responsibilities like feeding their families, paying off a mortgage and the list goes on. They have huge debts and many responsibilities that stop them from doing it. Responsibilities are not the only thing stopping many. It’s their health too. A travelling lifestyle requires you to be away from home for many months at a time and sometimes you are in remote areas away from medical care.

I do not intend to discourage anyone from leaving their cubicles for greener grass or high snowy peaks. However, before you do anything, you have to manage your expectations and above all else, have a plan! Always be prepared for the many experiences you will no doubt have. Find a way to be financially independent and secure. I have heard of many travel bloggers who have managed to travel for months very successfully and at the end of it all, do not return to their desk jobs. But by crossing many obstacles in their way to get where they have, for most it wasn’t a tough road. However, they coped with a lot before they became successful as they are.

But, for those of you who love to travel or want to leave their life behind to chase their dreams and fantasies, just make up your mind and do it. But just remember these few things: while it is very tempting to set sail on this endless journey, it comes with some hard times but, embrace it, over come it and be ready for anything.